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Whitening, made safe.


Whitening or brightening products are often deemed to be unsafe and toxic, as back in the day, most of these products contain bleaching ingredients. However, here at Langsre, we want to cut off that negative stereotype and provide brightening products that are completely safe.


When we said whiten, what we mean is to “brighten” the skin or to fight hyperpigmentation and “dullness.” With ingredients containing Niacinamide, vitamin C, arbutin, and glutathione — all “brightening” ingredients — and they’re not a far cry from the skin whitening and bleaching creams and lotions that are so-called 'toxic products' at the center of conversations about beauty and shadeism. Even though our products are labeled as 'whitening', none of them contain bleach.

It is okay to want to have white, or bright skin. Bright skin doesn't mean faking your skin color. A bright skin means an even skin tone. Especially in Indonesia, a country with a scorching hot Sun throughout the year, it is very much possible that our skin may turn dull; but with the right skincare - especially a brightening line with the right ingredients - it is possible to maintain healthy skin color - and that is when Langsre comes into play!

Natural Beauty


The right kind of white,

white without the bleach.

As our products don't contain bleach, it will take some time for the results to show. With a consistent skincare routine, you should be seeing results in 2-3 weeks. Enjoy the process!


100% SAFE

Our products are made with proven ingredients and are all registered to FDA.

Our products are made with 100% safe, stable, non-toxic ingredients, and have gone through thorough tests before being produced.  All of our products have also been registered in KFDA and BPOM. Worry not!



We’re looking forward to providing even better products for you in the future!

We genuinely hope you enjoy your purchase. If you don't mind, we would love it if you share your experience on Female Daily Network or SOCO. Seeing glowing reviews from existing customers makes others more comfortable about purchasing our products. Plus, you can claim a discount code after posting your review! Just shoot us a message to claim your code.

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