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No-Water Concept


Langsre comes from the word ‘Sa-rang-sre' which means lovely in Korea. Our goal is to make everyone who uses Langsre have lovely skin. Lovely skin means radiant and wrinkle-free skin, that is why all our products’ function for brightening and anti-wrinkle care. We use only natural extracts for our ingredients to guarantee its safety for all ages and all skin types.​


What is the basic, most important ingredient in cosmetics? Usually purified water (aqua) is written at the front in cosmetics’ ingredients list. However that means the highest concentration on the cosmetic is water. Langsre wants to change the basic, and we create cosmetics using natural extracts instead of purified water. Check our ingredients, we’re not like others, our cosmetics contain highly functional ingredients and has been proven to be effective.

Fresh Peaches


Dermacell Natura Estetika 

In 2017, we partnered up with Langsre Korea to make Langsre available in Indonesia, and thus appointed Langsre's exclusive distributor. We know Langsre will be a good fit in the Indonesian market as it focuses on modern, innovative, and nature-derived beauty products. Ever since then, Langsre has been growing aggressively and successfully throughout Indonesia. Our company has also been trusted to create and develop new Langsre products to be distributed worldwide.

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